How sharp are your coding skills? Do you consider yourself a master strategist? Are you willing to bet your character’s life on it?

Welcome to Rogue Cloud, our homage to the old school roguelike games. We spared you the monochrome graphics, but kept to tradition by creating an open-world, turn based world crawler complete with a top-down 2D multiplayer experience. However unlike a traditional game, where you get the luxury of a controller, keyboard, or mouse, with Rogue Cloud, you are writing code to ensure your character’s success…and survival, in a dangerous world.

Why Rogue Cloud?

We wanted to introduce you to some work we have been doing on Microclimate, our new Docker-ized end-to-end development environment…but we wanted you to have some fun doing it. So we created Rogue Cloud, a game that allows you to easily jump in to development of a websocket-based microservice running in a cloud. Access the source from within Theia, our web-based IDE. Edit, redeploy, and see how your character fares. Did they get taken out by monsters? Or worse yet, did you perish at the hands of a co-worker’s character? Make a few tweaks, edit and redeploy again. Rinse and repeat. Remember, revenge is a dish best served CODE!

The game also allows us to showcase the work of a few of our friends. Rogue Cloud is built on Open Liberty, the premier platform for building Java cloud-native applications and microservices. Swing by their site to learn more about their amazing open source enterprise application server.

Additionally, Rogue Cloud is also designed to showcase the capabilities of Kubernetes-based IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Containers services.

Get Rogue-ing!

Ready for an adventure? Here are some links to get you started!


The Rogue Cloud Client is currently not supported on Windows for 18.09 Microclimate.