October updates

Microclimate 18.10

Friday 12 October 2018

The following list features updates for the Microclimate 18.10 release:

  • Use Microclimate Developer Tools for Eclipse to work on your Microprofile/Java EE applications from within Eclipse on local installations of Microclimate. Microclimate Developer Tools also includes Java debugging.
  • Java Reactive Platform support is now available with the Lagom framework. Lagom is an open source framework that helps you create microservices. It has reactive qualities at its core, being based on the Play framework and the Akka toolkit. It helps you build a responsive user experience, with resilience to failures,¬†and elasticity under load. Lagom, Play, and Akka are all part of the Reactive Platform from Lightbend and IBM. For more information about creating a Java project based on the Lagom framework, see Creating a new project.
  • Build queue rank is now included for projects.
  • Docker project validation now checks for the existence of Dockerfiles.
  • Installation from the IBM Cloud Private catalog has simplified configuration values.
  • Theia is updated to Version 0.3.14.