May updates

Microclimate 18.05

Friday, May 25th, 2018

These months are flying by, and as such so are our Microclimate releases. While the Microclimate 18.05 release might not have as many externally visible changes, we have done some significant work to shore up our foundation and prep things for future features.

That being said, we would like to call out a few things with the Microclimate 18.05 release. We have improved on our IBM Cloud Private integration story, and now apps that are deployed from Microclimate by way of our DevOps pipeline appear in the IBM Cloud Private dashboard. Also in our integration with Theia, we dropped in a new feature so you can choose whether or not you want to see all your projects in the IDE (original behavior) or only the currently selected one. The choice can be made with the Preferences page.

As always, we encourage you to pick up this latest update. We continue to drop code into Microclimate to add more value and improve on the overall quality and development experience while using Microclimate. We also would love to hear from you about any key function you would like to see that we might have not delivered yet, so swing by our Community page and share your ideas!