March updates

Microclimate 18.03

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Two short weeks, and it’s already time for the Microclimate 18.03 release! This time there’s not much in the way of new function to report as we’ve spent the time doing some housekeeping, fit and finish, and squashing bugs. Some of us were even lucky enough to join our coming out party at the IBM Think conference ( and picked up some snazzy Microclimate laptop stickers and t-shirts. However, based on how far we’ve come in this release and, more importantly, the progress we’re making, we’ve decided to remove our “beta” tag. Woo hoo! 4 characters less to type each release!

As a recap, here are some of the things we can do!

  • Install locally or on IBM Cloud Private
  • Create applications in Java, Node.js, and Swift
  • Applications run in Docker from day one to remove production differences
  • Integrated Theia editor with git support, or use your own editor
  • Rapid iterative dev - save a change and see it live in seconds!
  • Test performance early with app metrics and load testing
  • Production pipeline built on Jenkins

Get ready to kick the tires on another Microclimate beta refresh!

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

We have another beta refresh with some additional features for you to check out. We did a refresh on our UI, making things leaner and cleaner, and in the process swapped in Theia as our new browser based IDE. In that shiny new UI, you will also notice we started adding support for importing existing projects from a Git server (we have even included GitLab if you need it), a local directory, or an archive. For those of you running Microclimate on IBM Cloud Private, you now have the ability to create a devops pipeline that enables you to automatically deploy your projects from Git to IBM Cloud Private. To learn more about these new features, watch the Import and devops pipeline video.

We also upped the fun factor by highlighting Rogue Cloud this time around. If you like games, are interested in Microservice development, and would like to use Microclimate to marry those two things together, make your way over to our Rogue Cloud page for the details on how to get up and running.

And remember, our virtual door is always open if you want to chat. We make it easy for you to make contact. Just visit Community page to get connected!