July updates

Microclimate 18.07

Friday , 20 July, 2018

Following a month of the team working hard preparing for launch, the countdown is complete, and we’ve lifted off with another fine release of Microclimate for you to enjoy. The following list features updates for the Microclimate 18.07 release:

  • You can name your Helm chart anything you like because Helm chart names no longer need to match the project name.
  • Newly created projects are now set up to dynamically pull in the latest available JDK service release to pick up patches and security fixes.
  • Shutdown of projects is more efficient when you close or log off Microclimate.
  • A new validation step on project import generates any missing files which means a better experience getting your imported projects working in Microclimate.
  • A new tutorial about Adding a new endpoint to an application in Microclimate.
  • More information to help you if you get stuck, see our new Troubleshooting section.
  • Under the covers we’ve been refining the code, fixing a few things, and making Microclimate even easier for you to use.

As ever, we encourage you to pick up this latest update. We continue to drop code into Microclimate to add more value and improve on the overall quality and development experience. We would also really like to hear from you about any key function you would like to see that we might have not delivered yet, so swing by our Community page and share your thoughts and ideas!