Troubleshooting: Microclimate Developer Tools for VS Code

If you experience a problem that is not addressed on this page or on the Microclimate troubleshooting page, open an issue on the Tools for VS Code GitHub repository.
You can also post questions in the Microclimate public Slack workspace.

Finding the extension logs

If you report an issue, you will be asked to upload your logs.

  1. In VS Code, open Help > Toggle Developer Tools.
  2. Go to the Console tab.
  3. Enter microclimate-tools.log in the Filter box: Log location
  4. Upload the contents of the log file with your issue report.

Build succeeded, but project is stuck in the Stopped state

If your project fails to start, check the application logs for anything that might indicate the failure. If your application does not have problems, you can check the Microclimate logs. If the error persists, you can reset the project by disabling and re-enabling the project.

Project status does not match web interface

Run the refresh connection command. If the issue persists, you might need to restart Microclimate.

No ESLint warnings or errors for Node.js projects

Install the ESLint extension and follow the instructions to activate the extension.

Unknown configuration setting microclimate.connections

This setting is deprecated and no longer used. You can safely delete it from your settings.


Liberty project remains in the Starting - Debug state

Liberty servers started in Debug mode do not start until the debugger attaches. Run the attach debugger command, and the server starts. You can check the application logs to see if the server is starting.

Debugger attach fails with the message “Configured debug type “java” is not supported”

Install and enable the Java Extension Pack.

Debugger fails to attach after restarting project into Debug mode

Run the attach debugger command again. If the issue persists after a few attempts, restart the project in Debug mode a second time.