Connection Commands: Microclimate Developer Tools for VS Code

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All commands are available in the Command Palette. You can also right-click the background of the Microclimate view and right-click an existing connection to access the connection commands.

In Microclimate Version 19.05, you can create projects by right-clicking a connection or by clicking the plus sign (+) icon on the connection.

The tools support only local instances of Microclimate, so only one connection at a time is necessary.


New default local Microclimate connection

Connect to a local Microclimate instance at the default location of localhost:9090. The default connection should be all you need, but if you changed your Microclimate port, see New Microclimate connection.

New Microclimate connection

Prompt for the connection port and connect to Microclimate at localhost:<port>.

Open folder as workspace

Open the microclimate-workspace as the VS Code workspace folder. If you want the folder to open in a new window, set window.openFoldersInNewWindow to true.

Open in browser

Open the Microclimate home page in the system browser.

Open create project page

Open the Microclimate New project page in the system browser.

Open import project page

Open the Microclimate Import project page in the system browser.

Refresh connection

Run this command if anything in the tools appears to be out of sync with Microclimate.

Remove connection

Remove a connection. If you don’t have any connections, only a few of the extension features are available.

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