Microclimate documentation

Welcome to the Microclimate product documentation. You can find detailed instructions on how to complete the tasks that you need to perform to install and use Microclimate.

Getting started

You can install Microclimate locally or into IBM Cloud Private. If you want to develop applications on your computer, you can install Microclimate locally. If you also want the benefits of IBM Cloud Private, you can install Microclimate in IBM Cloud Private. A Microclimate installation on IBM Cloud Private provides a common and consistent platform for you to rapidly innovate while retaining the flexibility to use public clouds and services.

Finding more

If you can’t find what you need, reach out to us at our ibm-cloud-tech Slack channel! If you are new to Slack you can create a user ID here!

Hitting a problem? Start with our troubleshooting page to see if it is something we are aware of. If you don’t see your issue there, you can log an issue in our GitHub repository.