Creating a new project

To create, build, and start a new project in your Microclimate workspace:

  1. Click the New project button on the Welcome page. If you already created or imported a project, click Projects in the Microclimate header and then click New project.
  2. Select your language. Options available are Java, Node.js, Go, Python, and Swift.
  3. Name your project in lowercase letters and numbers.
  4. Depending on your choice of language, you see additional project creation options:
    • Click Go to create a Go project based on the Go sample template.
    • Click Java to create a Java project based on available frameworks, including:
    • Click Node.js to create a Node.js project with optional services, or a Node.js project based on a sample template.
    • Click Python to create a Python project based on the Python Hello World template.
    • Click Swift to create a Swift project (not supported on Linux┬« on Power┬« (ppc64le)).
  5. Click Create. This step creates, builds, and starts your project in your Microclimate workspace. Microclimate downloads everything it needs to build the project, and this might take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  6. Check the build status and application status of your new project. For more information, see Checking the application and build statuses.
  7. If your project requires additional configuration files or instructions for build, you might need to modify them. For more information, see Post-import instructions.

Need help?

If you encounter problems with creating a project, check the Troubleshooting page.