Entering Microclimate CLI commands

Enter the Microclimate CLI commands with mcdev COMMAND [options].

Run the mcdev COMMAND --help command for more information on a command.

Choose from the following commands:


Start Microclimate.

mcdev start [OPTIONS]


  • -o, --open: Open Microclimate in your default browser after it starts.
  • -u, --update: Update Microclimate to the latest version before starting.


Stop Microclimate.

mcdev stop


Open Microclimate in your default browser.

mcdev open

Note: This command looks for the port that microclimate-portal is on and opens it.


Refresh your current version of Microclimate by pulling the newest images. This command does not upgrade Microclimate to a newer version, but it refreshes the existing version if a patch to your currently installed version is available.

mcdev refresh

Health check

Run a check through your system to ensure that microclimate-workspace, the config directory, and your Git username and email are set correctly. This command also prints the current amount of projects in your workspace.

mcdev healthcheck


Delete all Microclimate images on your machine.

mcdev delete